Overview of Ohio’s Child Welfare System

Ohio's System

Ohio has a state-supervised, county-administered child welfare system. This means that the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services’ Office of Families and Children oversees programs and services, and Ohio’s county public children services agencies (PCSAs) and private agencies (PCPAs & PNAs) that deliver child programs and services. 

The Office of Families and Children develops policies and procedures, offers technical assistance, and monitors local agencies’ compliance with federal and state laws, rules and policies. Local agencies provide child protection, foster and kinship care, adoption, independent living and other services to children and families.  

The public children services system was created by the Ohio legislature but the structure of each county is determined at the local level. Learning about the structure of the county you live in is important in your role as a resource family in Ohio.  

To find out information on your county check out the Public Children Services Association Organization (PCSAO) Factbook by clicking here.

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