Leadership Development


Succeed Leadership training is designed to provide primary parents who have been successful in working their case plan to step forward after proper screening by the home child welfare agency to facilitate peer lead support groups in their home counties.

The training follows the curriculum found in the Succeed training manual including: Mission, Values and Beliefs of Succeed, the structure of Succeed group meetings, how to form a local planning committee, discussion topics for Succeed groups, facilitation skill training, and linkages with Helping Ohio Parent Effectively (HOPE) and the Succeed Primary Parent Learning Community. This training will be followed up by on site support group visits by trained facilitators from the Ohio Primary Parent Advisory Council (OPPAC) a subcommittee of OFCA who will observe the first two support groups meetings facilitated by newly trained parent leaders in each county. The training will provide each participant the opportunity to practice their facilitation skills, while increasing their skills and confidence. 

Trainers: Jim Miller, Tracy Smith, Karen Ezirim, Cory Pariseau, Arlana Strickland, Wendi Turner, Georgetta Lake