Foster Care Advisory Council

Foster Care Advisory Council

Must be an Foster Care Parent to Participate

Purpose of this group: to provide regular input to the OFCA Board on feelings, needs & concerns of foster families along with recommendations of actions that can be taken to meet these needs and concerns.

Members are to consider participation as a minimum by

  1. One Year’s time commitment
  2. Monthly phone/zoom conference calls (2 hours). 
  3. Follow up time when you volunteer to research items.

The group decides the topics of the monthly discussions as they go along based on current needs that are seen.  With each topic reviewed, ideas of how these concerns can be addressed are developed and shared.

Issues to explore in 2019

1.       Communications as a general issue particularly around policies and best practices.  Discover more ways to get directly to families. Encourage agencies to pass on agency staff changes, policy updates, or practice issues in e-news bulletins.

2.      Communications about Allegations (support systems for Allegations).  Explore more development of FAST groups (Foster Allegation Support Teams). Allegations as Alternative Response

3.      Where the family voice is heard and how to make it stronger. Push local advisory councils. Find existing programs & how they function.  Put list of know foster parent support groups on website.

4.      Explore more Foster Parent Bill of Rights and Responsibilities (Explore what it would mean for foster parents to be given rights on Becoming party to the case)

5.      Making more connection across family groups. Explore: 1.) Kinship early on; 2.) Good transitions; 3.)Ongoing relationships; 4.)Building community – role of churches.  Introduction mts: “All about Me”/IceBreakers

6.      Know more about GAL rules & how to help them be active.  Pro-Kids (Cincinnati) is appointing Abuse Attorneys for kids – unclear as to their role in separation of GAL/CASA.  Continue a family representative on the Ohio Supreme Court Child Abuse & Neglect Council. 

7.      Prudent Parenting standards and how to get more consistency agency to agency Get a sense from the state as to what county policies have been developed.

8.      Understanding “the Why” of rules and regulations – Use OFCA website for information  

9.      Address legislation that comes forward that affects foster families. 

10.    Supports available: Adequate reimbursement. to stay at home or child care; bio family counseling; childcare at training, normalization of care.  Follow FFPSA Leadership Group. Explore OFCA FFPSA family forums.

11.     Begin to separate Foster to Adopt; Foster to Reunification with adoption; Career Foster Care. Encourage the development of different paths in foster care to meet the need of children and families.

12.    Explore more information on making transitions work for families.  Trainings?  Website?

Interested in Participating: 

Send a request to with how this council fits with your personal interest in foster care.