Who We Serve

Who We Serve...

Resource and Primary/Birth Families

Resource families are the thousands of adoptive, foster, kinship, primary and respite families in Ohio. They include individuals, couples and families who want to provide care to a child who is under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court.

Resource Families may be:

  • Related to the child
  • Have a familial or mentoring relationship with the child
  • Have no previous relationship with the child

Resource Families play a key role in the life of a child in care. When out-of-home placement is needed to keep the child safe, diligent efforts are made to identify, assess and consider relatives, family friends and those culturally tied to the family as the primary placement option. When relatives cannot be a resource family placement option, every effort is made to actively recruit and support  families within the child’s home community

The goal of OFCA (Ohio Family Care Association) is to strengthen and support resource families on their journey in parenting by adoption, foster, kinship, or respite care. We also offer support to primary families that have been reunified with their children. 

Perhaps you have already begun your journey as a Resource Parent by:

  • contacting your agency,
  • filling out myriad of forms in triplicate and
  • having your home inspection.


It is time to build a circle of Support! 

OFCA helps organize and connect reources parent groups to each other.  Our goal is to unite familes in Ohio as “one” voice to ensure rules, policies, procedures, and services that affect children and the families that care for them are designed and delivered in a fair and consistent manner.