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Primary Parent

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When children must be removed from their families to ensure their safety, the first goal is to reunite them with their families as soon as possible.

Working collaboratively with parents and engaging all parties in the planning process can help ensure families receive the services and supports required for the child’s safe return.

The Ohio Families Advisory Council

The Ohio Families Advisory Council is a coalition of primary parents from across Ohio seeking to establish a statewide body of parents engaged in education and advocacy for family centered and family directed policies and practices in child protective services work as well as regional systems of support for families involved in the child welfare system through support groups and individual parent mentors.

Ohio primary families are any families who have a current or previous open case or child removal in the child welfare system. These families include parents who have been the subject of abuse, neglect or dependency allegations.

Ohio Family Care Association is committed to hearing from primary families to inform OFCA’s work on behalf of the resource families of Ohio and to supporting primary families in their efforts to organize a self-directed advisory council to plan and implement self-determined initiatives and inclusion in policy and decision making forums around the state.

Ohio Primary Parent Advisory Council