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    OFCA included adoptive families in the OFCA movement in the 1980’s. This was due to adoptive families voicing their feeling...
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    Foster care is a temporary living arrangement for abused, neglected dependent and unruly children/youth who need a safe place to live when their...
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    Respite care is temporary relief care designed for families of children connected to the child welfare system or primary families...
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    When children must be removed from their home the first goal is to ensure their safety.  The second is to...
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    Kinship care refers to the care of children by relatives or, in some jurisdictions, close family friends (often referred to...
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Ohio Family Care Association serves and strengthens families caring for Ohio’s most vulnerable children


The Ohio Family Care Association (OFCA) serves as the statewide voice for the thousands of adoptive, foster, kinship, primary and respite families caring for children impacted by Ohio’s child protection system.  Our mission centers on connecting, empowering and serving families in 7 service areas: Advocacy, Community Awareness, Education, Post Services, Family Support, Building Connections and Fun Family Events. .  Read more HERE. 

Thank you for joining us at our 42nd Annual Resource Family Conference!

Thank you for being part of our 42nd Annual Resource Family Conference.  It was an amazing experience and it only happens because of the input and commitment of many, including:

  • Our workshop presenters, who gave their time and expertise
  • Our board of directors and volunteers who worked to make sure the conference came off without a hitch
  • All of you who took time away from family and came to be a part of the camaraderie and learning
  • The staff at the Crowne Plaza hotel, who were accommodating, helpful and present throughout the conference

We also want to thank you for sharing a bit of yourself in whatever way you did. As much as our conference is about learning, it is also about connection. So many of you opened up and shared your stories. This is truly appreciated.

Next steps?  Take some of what you learned, no matter how big or small and share it with others you know.  If you have an idea, or promised to get in touch with us about volunteering, joining an advisory committee or starting a parent group, pick up the phone or send us a message. 

We hope the annual conference left you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the challenge of working with and parenting our state’s most deserving children.

Best always, 

Wendi Turner, OFCA Executive Director


OFCA Program  

OFCA designed the Succeed Primary Parent Support groups as a way for primary parents who have been successful in working with their Children Services agency to lead support groups for other primary parents who are currently going through a case plan. The mission of Succeed is to provide hope, support and empowerment to primary parents, to strengthen them to become effective, caring parents for their children.  

With the success of the pilot program in 2017, Succeed primary parent support groups have continued to grow and expand across Ohio.  

The picture above captures the 2018 Succeed Primary Parent Support group Facilitator Conference! Primary Parents and caseworkers from Mahoning, Montgomery, Summit, Cuyahoga, Hamilton, Richland and Stark County training together to make a positive difference in the lives of Ohio Families 


OFCA Committees, Councils & Other Statewide Committees

Adoption Advisory Council       –     Chair: Dot Erickson-Anderson  

Foster Care Advisory Council   –    Chair: Dot Erickson-Anderson

Succeed Steering Committee    –   Co-Chairs: Jim Miller & Karen Ezirim  

OFCA Conference Committee    –   Chair: Georgetta Lake

And more… 

          Click HERE for the full list of Committees

Supporting Ohio Families

When you join OFCA, you become a part of a network that makes a difference for families with children involved with Ohio’s child welfare system.

Advocacy   *   Education   *   Support   *   Mentorship   *   Post Services   *   Fun Family Events

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Family-centered, child-oriented principles guide the work of OFCA 

Family-centered practice is a way of working with families, both formally and informally, across service systems to enhance their capacity to care for and protect their children. It focuses on children’s safety and needs within the context of their families and communities and builds on families’ strengths to achieve optimal outcomes. Families are defined broadly to include primary, blended, kinship, and foster and adoptive families.

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We need your help

Join Families Who Advocate for Fairness and Consistency in Child Welfare

Without permanency, children often experience doubt, uncertainty, and hesitancy about where they belong and who is going to care for them. Stable reunification or placement with a permanent family permits the child welfare system to close a child’s case and allows the family to raise the child as a member of the family and make important decisions without governmental involvement..