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    OFCA included adoptive families in the OFCA movement in the 1980’s. This was due to adoptive families voicing their feeling...
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    Foster care is a temporary living arrangement for abused, neglected dependent and unruly children/youth who need a safe place to live when their...
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    Respite care is temporary relief care designed for families of children connected to the child welfare system or primary families...
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    When children must be removed from their home the first goal is to ensure their safety.  The second is to...
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    Kinship care refers to the care of children by relatives or, in some jurisdictions, close family friends (often referred to...
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Ohio Family Care Association serves and strengthens families caring for Ohio’s most vulnerable children

There is no greater feeling, no greater satisfaction, than knowing you are making a difference 

OFCA has supported Ohio’s resource families since 1975. In 1974 a group of foster parents started a grassroots effort to improve Ohio’s child protection system. Quickly realizing that, in order to impact change, families must have a “voice” OFCA incorporated as a nonprofit agency in 1975 and began advocating for policies and legislation to better serve families.  As foster parents around the state joined, OFCA held its first resource family conference in 1976. 

Understanding that children in out of home care have multiple caregivers, OFCA included adoptive families in the 1980’s and kinship and respite families in the 1990’s.  In 2014 primary(birth) families were included in the families we support.  Today OFCA is one of the only statewide agencies in the United States that looks at the kaleidoscope of child protection and juvenile justice through the lenses of all resource and primary family groups. and serves all family types under one umbrella.  Read more


The Ohio Family Care Association (OFCA) serves as the statewide voice for the thousands of adoptive, foster, kinship, primary and respite families caring for children impacted by Ohio’s child protection system

Our work revolves around 7 service areas: Advocacy, Support Groups, Education, Post Services, Family Support, Building Connections and Fun Family Events.  Read more HERE. 

Supporting Ohio Families

When you join OFCA, you become a part of a network that makes a difference for families with children involved with Ohio’s child welfare system.

Advocacy   *   Education   *   Support   *   Mentorship   *   Post Services   *   Fun Family Events

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Family-centered, child-oriented principles guide the work of OFCA 

  • Children belong in families
  • Child-caring agencies need partnerships with resource families to achieve strong outcomes for the children and the families served
  • Cultural competence is paramount to successfully helping children and families
  • Family care is best for the safety, stability, permanence and well-being of children

Reliance on institutional and group care must be reduced in Ohio with corresponding resources shifted to kinship care, foster care, respite care, post adoption services and other family-centered supports. 

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Ohio Child Welfare News

  • Six community projects set to receive more than $1 million in state funding 15 Mar 2018 14:49 Clermont Sun By Megan Alley Sun staff Six community projects are slated to receive more than a total of $1 million dollars in funding from the state. The monies, $1.06 million to be exact, are part of the Ohio General Assembly’s recently introduced capital bill …
  • Nursery in Ohio prison lets inmate moms bond with their kids 10 Mar 2018 14:32 News Observer One-month-old Javon Jackson fidgets with his mom's jacket as he drinks from his bottle and holds her hand. His mom coos. Her friends laugh, and a precocious, 2-year-old toddler stops by and waves hi. In all, it is a typical, upbeat moment for any …
  • Who can adopt a Native child? 05 Mar 2018 09:00 High Country News   On a hot summer day in 2007, Gary Williams sat on a worn loveseat across from his dad, Floyd Williams, in Floyd’s Buckeye, Arizona, home. Gary, his sisters Diane and Letha and his brother Gerald were there to ask his father some serious questions, …
  • Parenting reboot: Crisis is calling grandparents to action 04 Mar 2018 02:24 CantonRep.com In rural counties, kinship caregiving comes with extra challenges. Shane Hoover CantonRep.com staff writer @shooverREP Amsterdam is a village of about 400 residents on the Carroll-Jefferson county line. There’s a gas station and a post office, but the …
  • Program in Warren to focus on effects of opioids on kids 02 Mar 2018 10:56 www.vindy.com WARREN — Child-welfare advocates have tried to explain to the public the increasing need for foster parents to provide homes for children in agency custody whose parents are addicted to opiates. Tim Schaffner, Trumbull Children Services director said last …

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Without permanency, children often experience doubt, uncertainty, and hesitancy about where they belong and who is going to care for them. Stable reunification or placement with a permanent family permits the child welfare system to close a child’s case and allows the family to raise the child as a member of the family and make important decisions without governmental involvement..

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